Travel: Budapest

Hi babes!

For the last 3 days I have been to Budapest! I just want to tell something about my experience and what I have seen. Also I will share some photos of the trip and if you want to see more take a  look on my instagram and feel free to follow. So lets get started.

Day 1

So me and my boyfriend planned a trip to Budapest to celebrate a belated valentine and just to have some quality time together because we are both very busy. We have never thought of going to Budapest because it is just not a city where you think of 1 2 3. I couples are more likely to go to Paris, Barcelona or Prague. But it was such a good choice because guys this city is so stunning. First we arrived at the hotel in the city centre and then we got some food because we were so hungry. Okay I admit we did not ate typical Hungarian food that day but we ate some pizza, hotdogs and even a fried mars….. where did the healthy regime go… well not with me in my suitcase to Budapest! 😉 after that we walked on the chain bridge to the other side called Buda and we went up the hill to see the incredible view. We stayed there until the sun went down and it was very romantic.


Day 2

This was on a Tuesday. First we ate breakfast at the hotel and after that we went to the information office to buy tickets for a boat tour on the Danube (for the Dutchies here, the Donau). This was so cool because all the beautiful buildings are build next to the river so we could see them all while enjoying the great view with some champagne. It was actually very funny too because my boyfriend was really annoyed by a woman sitting in front of him who was taking selfies the whole time and trying on filters …. So she actually did not saw the view. But for us it was a very good experience and I really recommend this if you want to visit Budapest in the future. After that we when to the parliament and the market hall to get some fried bread.

Day 3

Oh no… the last day in Budapest. We really did not want to go home because it was so nice over there and the weather was better ;). We wanted to go to the Széchenyibad (thermal bad) but we just did not have enough time. Instead of this we went to Buda and visited the Matthias church and we ate some food at Jégbüfé. Budapest is a very beautiful city. I think it looks a little bit like Paris but then smaller and it has something Italian too. A must see city!





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