Hotspots Berlin

Hi there!

A bit late but here we go…. A few weeks ago I was in Berlin with a friend and we have visited some really nice places to eat and drink! These are my favorite places:

  1. Le Bon. This is a really cute modern little restaurant with very (I mean VERYYY) good breakfast! I had some eggs with bacon and coffee. Unfortunately, I did not have any time to have lunch or dinner there but I imagine that it is also very good. Also the service was very fast and the servants were friendly!
  2. & Other stories. Me and my friend have visited this store A LOT. Normally I order online but in Berlin there are like three stores so we were very lucky. I definitely recommend this store.
  3. Some good coffee places : Nano Coffee & Camon Coffee
  4. A nice museum to visit : Berlinische Galerie 
  5. Voo store: a very nice store but a bit expensive. Anyway it is worth to just walk around!
  6. Raw-Gelände:  Here can be found many clubs, markets and a lot of graffiti artwork. It is the home of international art and techno lovers.
  7. During my stay in Berlin I have visited two very cool and relaxed clubs: Tresor, this club is very big and has two areas: One upstairs which is more light and had a bar in the back with many seats and the basement which is very smokey with very rough techno. Personally, I liked the basement the most! The other club: Club der Visionaere, you can compare this club to a kind of beach club but next to a river. It has the same vibe and there are many places to sit an relax but this club is open from midday to the next day 9:00 am. It is possible to walk in and out all the time and the drinks are quite cheap!
  8. And lastly try out any burger place in Berlin like the Burgermeister or Rosenburger.


So these places I liked the most during my stay in Berlin and I hope you guys find this useful!





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