Budapest: Favorite places // PT 1

Helloooooo !!

I am blogging from my desk in Budapest right now… Why am I in Budapest? Actually, my exchange started two weeks ago and I will be here until the end of January. How exciting is that? Yeahhhh. Soooo… as the title describes I will be sharing my favorite places until now in Budapest. Here we go!

For having some food I like to go to the central market hall for some lángos and to buy fresh veggies and fruit. Also I had a very good burger at the tuning bar and burger. Of course there are many other good places where you can eat burgers for example : Karaván.

In Budapest there are many many bars. I am a more laid-back and relaxed person so I do not like all the fuss of dressing up and going out in heels. These are my favorite spots to go for a drink right now: Szimpla Kert (this is a ruin pub that is transformed to a very extravagant place with flee market stuff everywhere, it is really cozy and big!), Zsiráf and Fröccsterasz. More ruin bars like Szimpla Kert, are Kuplung and instant but I have never been to those ones because there is always a very long waiting line. I will do it probably next weekend!

Last weekend I went to the Balaton lake which is a very clear lake with grass land around it. It is soooo nice on a hot day to just relax, hang out with friends and go for a swim! At the moment the busy season at the Balaton lake is finished thus it is very quiet there. If you want to party you should go there in July or August to Siófok.

And lastly there are a couple of vintage shops: Retrock and szputnyik shop. Both are very nice but Retrock offers more vintage clothing.

I will update you in the next month! 🙂




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