Hi, everybody!

In winter time, my family and I love to go on ski vacation! We love to ski and snowboard and enjoy our time together. Because this is a very active vacation and I am outside in the cold all day I need to pack some necessary items in my suitcase. If you want to know what, please go on read my article!

1. Snowboard gear

I am a snowboard girl and because I sit down and fall down….. many times a day :p! I need proper gloves, snowboard pants and so on. My favorite gloves are from the brand Reusch. The palm is covered with waterproof material and the inside is super soft. So my hands will not be cold and will not be wet. My favorite item of my outfit is my snowboard pants. Mine are from Oneill and a little bit baggy because I prefer more baggy pants when I am snowboarding. It looks cool, dah. And of course I need a good jacket, mine is from the brand Ripcurl, a helmet, ski goggles, a thick sweater and a warm legging. Lastly, the most important things to start snowboarding is to have a snowboard (brand: Fifty one Fifty) and snowboard shoes (brand: Burton) … :D.

2. Moisturizer

Because it is most of the time freezing, sunny and windy, I have to use a moisturizer with SPF in it. Yes, I know it sounds weird but you can actually get a sunburn very fast on the slopes. I use a La Roche Posay moisturizer and a BB cream with SPF 20.

3. Lipbalm

Lips are also very sensitive, well, mine are. That is why I always bring a lip balm with me. At the moment I use the Rituals Smooth Operator caring lip balm with SPF 15.

4. Camera gear

Because it is pretty rare to see snow, even though I am living in the Netherlands, I love to bring my camera to make videos and to make photos! I am using the Canon 70D and my lenses are the 18-55mm (standard lens kit) and the 17-85mm. The small one I am bringing up the mountains with me because it is less heavy and the big one I use in the valley to take photos.

5. Sweaters!

And lastly, many many sweaters that can keep you warm. I just love to walk through the house or hotel with a pair of leggings and a sweater on it. It is super nice to just chill after an active day of snowboarding.





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