ADDICTED: My favorite stores

Have you ever found a clothing shop that sells everything you like? YAS…… I have the same problem and I am addicted!

One of my favorite things to do is to search for new trends and thus clothes, to style outfits and to find pieces that not everyone else has. Of course, there is no money tree growing in my garden so I can not always buy the clothes that I would like to have. Anyway, there are many dupes for expensive clothes so If you want me to write an article on that let me know! I have a few favorite shops/web shops where I buy my clothes. Here they are!

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One of my all time favorites. In this store, I find staple pieces like bags, coats, and tops. My favorite accessory to get from this shop is jewelry. I have been a sucker for the drop back earrings. They are great!

For Dutchies: No ideal possible

Pull & Bear

I have been shopping at Pull & Bear’s for many years, I guess since my fifteenth. It is actually a kind of love/hate relationship. Sometimes I like the collection and sometimes I just don’t. At Pull & Bear’s I get my cute crop tops, sweaters with text, blouses, and sometimes jewelry. They have a lot of chokers that are very fine like in the photo above (those chokers are from Pull & Bear) and I am so obsessed with them. So I very recommend those!

For Dutchies: Ideal possible


Weekday is fairly new in the city where I live. I have been following the store online but I actually prefer to try on clothes in real life. When I buy clothes online it is when they are not available in my city or a nearby city. At Weekday I buy my jeans, tops, and jackets. The store offers a wide range of jeans which I love and the tops are super cute and a bit different compared to Zara and H&M.

For Dutchies: No ideal possible


Asos is the kind of web shop where I buy my clothes online… dah. I love the variety Asos offers but sometimes it is a bit too much haha! I get distracted very fast. At Asos, I buy socks, basics, shoes, lingerie, sports clothes, shorts, dresses… actually everything! lol. Anyway, they offer many brands so that is something that I like a lot.

For Dutchies:  Ideal possible

Nasty Gyal

Nasty Gyal is an American web shop thus you have to watch out for taxes. I have ordered here many times and I never had to pay taxes (for the Netherlands) but, I am not sure how it works in other countries. Nasty Gyal has amazing clothes, jewelry, and shoes. I just love it all. It is sometimes a bit more expensive but in the sale, you can collect plenty of clothes for a reasonable price. I bought my black booties (see here) at Nasty Gyal for example. I loveeeee it.

For Dutchies: No ideal possible




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