What I need during study sessions

Dear all,

I am that kind of person who needs a bit of help when I need to study or write an essay. These are my top things I use when studying.

  1. Glasses that protect my eyes against the blue lights in screens are highly needed in my situation because I am writing my dissertation and staring at my screen all the time… haha. At the moment I use the e-Polette.  The glasses are very good but it took like three weeks to receive them. So take in mind, you have to wait a bit.
  2. A planner I lovee to use. I use a big planner from Plum Paper. You can customize your own planner on the Plum Paper website. I have chosen for big pages with a to do list and the days on the other side. Furthermore, you can choose extra pages for your blog or an address book etc.
  3. Tea! I loveeee tea. I do not drink any sodas, to be honest, just water, coffee or tea. My favorite flavors are the green jasmine, camomile and the Yogi tea flavors.

These are the main things that keep me going studying! Glasses to not get a headache, a planner to keep me on track and tea to keep me hydrated :). These little things are just very important! Good luck for the ones who need to study toooo! You can do this.





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