Product review – Gisou texturizing spray

Beachy, that is how I like my hair to look. I love a classy but natural look and that is what I always try to achieve with texturizing spray. I have been using Gisou texturizing spray every day for a week now. Before this, I was using the Aussie: Miracle beach waves. This one is also fine but my hair becomes very stiff after two days and maybe a bit dry. It is not a bad texturizing spray at all for the price but these things bothered me a bit. It gave a very very nice effect that is why I kept on using it. So let’s get to it. Is the Gisou texturizing spray any good?

Let’s start with what the description says on the package:

Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave spray creates instant beachy waves, body, and volume for an effortless, lasting tousled look, without making hair heavysticky, or dry. The key ingredient is propolis derived from the Mirsalehi bee garden, which contains numerous oils, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids to protect the hair and keep it healthy. Propolis is produced by bees and used to protect and strengthen the walls of the beehive, making it a richly fortifying ingredient for your hair”.

If you want to know more about propolis you can find that here.

“Negin Mirsalehi recommends spraying evenly from an arm’s length onto damp or dry hair from root to tips. Allow to dry naturally, or blow-dry hair with a diffuser. Shape with fingers for more texture and volume. Suitable for all hair types”. 

So the final verdict is that you have to spray quite a lot on the hair to achieve a beachy look. It will give your hair definitely volume and texture. It is not sticky, it dries fast and it smells good (it smells a bit like shampoo…)! Note: My hair is naturally straight with no layers, only in the front where my hair shapes my faces. But after a quick spray, it looks so much more alive! After using it for three days, my hair is still soft and still has volume. Of course, you need to spray every day to achieve this effect. I am a happy kid because the bottle was not that cheap. You can order it on the Gisou website. 

So after one week of using the spray every day, this is how much is left in the bottle. I think this is alright and according to my calculation, the bottle will last you for 3,5 months.Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Though there are way more affordable texturizing sprays available in the drugstores. Just find what suits your kind of hair and what kind of look you want to achieve with the product. I hope this was useful and let me know if I should review more products ! X


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